RADE: Your Remote Assisted Diagnostics Expert

If you have no way of coding an ABS pump that you buy from us then look no further because we’ve got a solution for you! We have partnered up with EC Auto Diagnostics for their new and advanced RADE system. 

RADE is your Remote Assisted Diagnostics Expert which will give you dealer level capabilities for areas such as coding, programming, adaption of components and dealer level technical support. This cutting-edge technology will make your workshop more efficient in every way! You will be able to repair and complete vehicles in-house, while also saving time and money as you won’t require any training or further equipment so it’s a win-win situation!

So how does RADE work? RADE’s diagnostic interface will be given to you. You just have to plug the interface into your vehicle to connect it, then give us a call here at Freestorm and we will help you every step of the way.

EC Auto Diagnostics’ RADE system will make it easier than ever to code the ABS pump you get from us!