Low Accumulator Pressure and Pump Motor Relay Solution for a Mitsubishi Pajero

We had a 2007 Mitsubishi Pajero VSA/ABS unit in for repair today here at Freestorm. It had the common faults for this pump which are low accumulator pressure (fault code: 53) and pump motor relay (fault code: 57). If you are having these problems and get these fault codes during a diagnostic check, then contact us today! We have a full test bench and can repair your ABS pump, giving you an excellent result for a fraction of the price than a new one would cost.

Usually garages will buy a new ABS pump from the manufacturer but there can be downfalls with this option. The cost of this is much higher and then there’s an additional cost of getting the car reprogrammed. On top of that, the same issue can happen again with a new ABS pump. Here at Freestorm, we will test the ABS pump using our test bench and rebuild it for you to fix the low accumulator and pump motor relay issues. This method will fix the original design defect and preserve all the original programming too.

We will give you a 2-year warranty for your ABS unit and you will have it back within 2-3 business days. Contact Freestorm and we will give you a cost-effective and high quality service!

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